Bye Felipe: A Place to Publicly Shame Rude Men

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A Felicia is a “random bitch that nobody is actually unfortunate observe go,” based on Urban Dictionary. The name is assigned to ice-cube’s neighbor in



whom attempts to use his automobile or some grass. “Bye, Felicia,” he states, without creating eye contact.

Bye-ing Felicias turned into the meme of preference for dismissing somebody in an internet discussion, and today it is a pejorative popular this one Chick-fil-A manager made an effort to ban their workers from using it. (“there’s no one right here known as Felicia,”
the memo stated

But perseverance in spite of undesirability just isn’t a distinctively feminine attribute, and nowhere is that much more noticeable than in online dating sites. In Oct, a key fb gang of women in L.A. made the decision they needed a male same in principle as Felicia to spell it out the guys just who conveyed curiosity about all of them, merely to switch hostile if they politely declined or ignored them. They decided on Felipe,
and began an Instagram membership
in which they were able to accumulate screen limits of Felipes actually in operation and make fun of at them. Now, it’s got 278,000 followers. The Cut spoke to founder Alexandra Tweten, 27.

Really does one dating internet site get noticed as particularly terrible with Felipes?

They’re quite uniformly spread-out across the board. Enough Fish, Tinder and OKCupid, plus most crazy fb communications — actually communications from folks they aren’t pals with, within their “other” inbox. Men tend to be delivering these to women that happen to be currently hitched or have actually boyfriends. I get text-message submissions, generally any such thing on the internet. That isn’t actually counting the unwanted cock pictures. I am uploading them in Bye Felipe too. We think about unsolicited cock pictures to-be sexual harassment and absolutely aggressive. Its generally like flashing people in public. It’s the same task but on the phone.

Have you ever received any distribution that are females lashing aside at males?

In my opinion i have perhaps obtained one. And I have actually become some submissions from homosexual males. I am considering posting those. But it’s not like evaluating oranges to apples, whenever you glance at the characteristics of power in community. Right males never walk around in public areas becoming nervous that ladies will overcome all of them up or catcall all of them. They do not worry due to their security daily, simply being in general public. It’s type of an immortalized version of catcalling, a documented form of everything we see daily.

Tend to be dudes lashing aside at you for contacting them aside for lashing aside at women?

I’ve obtained various crazy messages during my email or on fb, however they’ve typically been inquiring,

Exactly why are you making us feel bad? Discover insane ladies, also.

I am accused of hating males. You will find several men whom troll the comments throughout the Instagram profile; i simply lack for you personally to police it. It blew upwards rapidly.

Have from the Felipes on their own contacted you?

I’ve become some emails from guys whose photographs were up that have been really enraged. I don’t officially understand legality of it, thus I got their photos down. But I told them, “i am going to take your image all the way down but because i believe you learned a beneficial concept and I also hope you do not content anybody otherwise in this manner.”

Do the articles ever prevent getting amusing and turn into terrifying?

Various. The women that deliver are usually love,

Oh it really is ok today because I have a restraining order against him. With a normal hostile guy, you’ll block him and report his membership.

You usually don’t have to deal with him again. But You will find been aware of guys starting some other reports. One submitting mentioned she blocked men in which he messaged the lady once again twice from two additional records. Then I heard from no less than three different ladies when I posted it, acknowledging the guy, stating he is messaged them too. That really creeps myself .

Have you got a conclusion when it comes to Felipe technology?

I wanted to begin a conversation towards entitlement that a lot of men think obtained. It really is not really all guys. Nevertheless types whom deliver these crazy communications have to be known as away and publicly shamed. I really don’t imagine normal men have any concept it is happening. They never have to cope with it and unless we post all of them they never view it. Not all the men deliver these messages, but every woman on line has received something similar to this. Plus, people in relationships don’t understand what it’s like becoming solitary web.

I’ve Tinder and an OKCupid membership. I get that online dating sites is actually frustrating for both genders, and therefore men will often have to content hundreds of ladies to get an answer from folks. But In my opinion should they directed the individuals they are messaging … I really don’t believe it’d be that hard. Alternatively, it is simply:

Hey … hi … wanna get together? … hey bitch, whenever I speak with you answer.


You will need to recognize myself, and I also are entitled to to-be talked to and it also does not matter who you are, if you don’t have time, in case you are maybe not curious.

We … are unable to. I really don’t even know.

It isn’t like these men placed much work into the overtures they truly are thus disappointed about.

I do believe a lot of these dudes should just have a look at on their own and get,

Exactly why is it that people are not responding to me personally? Possibly i have to work at my self

. I’m hoping that message becomes across.

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