Binge Drinking: What It Does to Your Body

These factors at play, coupled with the pressure to fit in, can make excessive drinking a difficult conversation to broach. “It can have an impact on blood pressure [and] coagulation directly on the heart muscle itself,” said Heffron, who wasn’t involved in the new study. “It can also influence levels of different types of cholesterol, specifically HDL cholesterol within the blood, and can also have an influence on heart rhythm and conduction.” Overall, over 3,100 people went on to develop heart disease during the four-year follow-up covered by the study. Be prepared to discuss any problems that alcohol may be causing. You may want to take a family member or friend along, if possible.

how to stop binge drinking

“Parenthood tended to be this protective factor,” but that’s not always the case anymore, said Adams, who studies addiction. Over the past 50 years, women have increasingly entered the workforce and delayed motherhood, which likely has contributed to the problem as women historically drank less when they became mothers. “Honestly, the No. 1 fear for me was someone telling me I could never drink again,” said Adkins, who lives in Pawleys Island, a coastal town about 30 miles south of Myrtle Beach. Because these findings are to be presented at a medical meeting, they should be considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal. “I think a lot more awareness is needed, and alcohol should be part of routine health assessments moving forward,” he said. However, Rana believes that “we do not think about alcohol as one of the vital signs” for heart trouble.

Better managing your alcohol intake

Then portion into individual serving sizes and freeze for the week ahead. Reach out to friends, family, or support groups who can provide encouragement, understanding, and guidance during the journey to sobriety. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. Federal and state health agencies also offer resources and can refer you to someone who can help. The microbiome has been implicated in medical conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to obesity.

Only about 10 percent of people who binge drink struggle with a dependence on alcohol. However, the more frequently you binge drink, the more at risk you are of developing an alcohol abuse problem. With access to the correct treatment, you have the opportunity to recognise how to stop binge drinking the reasons for your binge drinking and work towards a new phase of your life. If you’re looking to stop binge drinking, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in your journey. You might be surprised at how many people near you are having similar struggles.

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However, when alcohol makes up part of your typical routine, drinking can become something of an automatic response, especially when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Say you don’t have any cravings when you go without drinking. All the same, “a quick drink” often turns into three or four drinks. When you’re having a good time, you find it hard to stop, especially in the company of friends having the same amount. Learn more about the health effects of drinking alcohol here.

  • These may help them gain control of their drinking habits or even stop drinking altogether.
  • Additionally, anyone who feels they are not able to gain control of their drinking might consider the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline.
  • If you do not currently exercise, talk to your healthcare before getting started.
  • Or you could let them know how it’s affecting your relationship.
  • Left unaddressed, binge eating can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Many people find it helpful to share their stories and listen to others who are struggling. Additionally, a 2017 study suggests that binge drinking may be an early risk factor of developing AUD. For example, a 2018 cross-sectional study found a strong relationship between adolescents who binge drink and developing AUD. There are those who thought just drinking on the weekends was not a big deal, because they weren’t drinking every day, she said. “But the fact is, if they have more than four drinks as a woman or more than five drinks as a man on one day, in the past three months, they were at increased risk,” McLaughlin said. The World Health Organization and various studies have found that no amount of alcohol is safe for human health.

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While binge drinking alcohol may not seem problematic because the occurrence doesn’t happen frequently, every time you binge drink, it poses a risk to your health. Bingeing has both short- and long-term risks, including alcohol poisoning, increased risk of a stroke or heart attack, and damage to the heart, brain, and liver. Excessive drinking can lead to vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Digestive problems and liver disease are also potential long-term health risks that binge drinkers face. If you feel like your relationship with alcohol needs an overhaul, you’ve got plenty of company. Binge drinking can be a result of social pressure, but may also be a response to uncomfortable or unpleasant feelings.

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